At Code Foundry, our primary focus is application development for various platforms. This includes iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) applications, web applications as well as web design and development. We are especially passionate about mobile application development and enhancing existing platforms through the power and agility of mobile technology. It is clear that this is the path that the industry has taken.

  • Our services range from traditional web design and development to projects that demand a tight integration of hardware and custom-built software. We love every project we work on simply because we see every project as a way to push our limits and please our clients. At Code Foundry, we go the extra mile to amaze our clients and overdeliver instead of just fulfilling the client's expectations.
  • Today, software is everywhere and almost in every aspect of our lives. It remains essential, however, to assess every project separately and develop a solution that meets the needs of the project at hand. That is exactly what we're good at. We are obsessively detailed while paying close attention to the needs of the client as well as the functionality and design of the final product. Every element has to fit in order for the final product to shine.